Blackjack: the way of dealing in the world popular board game


Initially, before the game gambler needs to make ante (bet in the blind) or bet. The gamers are dealt 2 cards, after which he calculates the sum of points and determines his chances. Ideal variant – when an ace and a king, an ace and a jack or a queen, a dozen appear on the hands. This means that the player won and collected Blackjack. It is paid the gain at a ratio of 3 to 2.

If, when counting, there is no treasured combination of 21 points, other blackjack rules take effect. In the absence of the necessary amount, the gamer may refuse to play further – pass. At the same time, the Ante bet is lost. You can continue the game, trying to score the maximum approximate amount to 21 points. If the player goes through the counting, he will lose. Because it is important to count every step and stop in time.

If the gamer stops, the blackjack dealer enters the game and dials cards. When collecting over 16 points, according to the rules, the dealer stops. With a lack of points, he draws another card. After this, it is necessary to compare the collected points with the croupier and the player. If a gamer has collected a large amount of points, but not 21, then he wins and gets a win on the bet and ante. A similar option when winning a croupier. After completing the game, the cards are thrown off at the table, and the remaining deck is shuffled and dealt again.

How to deal blackjack: dealer view

Dealers follow a strict algorithm how to deal cards in blackjack:

  • When playing with one or two decks, the dealer shuffles the cards and offers one of their players to split the deck to eliminate card counting. The dealer will hold the cards in his hands and give them to the players. After each round, the cards are shuffled;
  • The player needs to make the necessary gaming decisions whether to get the card, split or double, and so on. Depending on the decision of the client, the croupier must settle how to deal for blackjack: open a certain card, calculate the number of his points and player points;
  • When playing blackjack with several decks, the dealer has shuffled cards in the Shoe. The topmost card is usually excluded from the game;
  • After all bets have been made, the dealer proceeds to deal the cards. Each player gets two cards face up. And since the croupier is also involved in the game, he is also given cards. However, one of his cards is face down;
  • After all the cards have been dealt, the dealer approaches each player and is interested in his next turn.

How to deal blackjack cards: Dealer Guide

Most casinos have a blackjack table covered with green cloth and can hold up to 7 players (some casinos also offer 5-seater blackjack tables). On one side of the table is the dealer, and around him 7 players.

Each player can take a place and make one bet or make three bets and get three pairs of cards. Remember that the dealer represents the casino during the game. You must stand at the table for several rounds and be responsible for shuffling and handing out cards. You are also responsible for collecting losers’ bets and paying winners.

  1. In any blackjack game, dealer actions are determined by the rules of the game. Do not make independent decisions about which move you need to make at the moment;
  2. Take a place so that every player at the table can see you;
  3. Follow the basic rule – “The dealer stops at 17”. This means that the total amount of your points is equal to 17. You cannot take an additional card, even if you see that some players have a total of 18 or more cards;
  4. The last thing that will make you an excellent blackjack dealer, besides practice and the ability to have a conversation, is the knowledge of your players. Players like to be recognized, and asking and remembering their names is a big step in the right direction.