Double down blackjack: the concept and usage rules


The first basic principle of blackjack is simple: beat the dealer’s turn, not exceeding 21. If you get exactly 21 points, this is called blackjack. When you get blackjack 21, you usually pay 3: 2 or 2: 1. Some casinos, however, moved the bet to 6: 5 or 7: 5, which means that in the end you will get much less money. A 1: 1 fee for any type of blackjack is usually not even worth attention. The table is always the same. Rules 21 always put the dealer on one side – on the contrary, from one to six players.

Each player has his own separate betting area, placed on the table for each seat. Each player’s game zone includes space for his cards, a betting area and, possibly, a security block or double bet. The dealer also has a separate area for his cards, as well as a “box” containing at least one card deck. A box is a container that can contain an automatic shuffle feature that randomly issues cards.

Usually in the game from one to eight decks are used. Counting cards in practice is an act of tracking the number of strong and weak cards in order to better predict the likely outcome of a given queue. Blackjack rules assign each card a numeric value for a blackjack card. Cards 2-10 are worth the cost of a room on their surface. Numbered cards are worth the corresponding number indicated by the card. Cards with numbers (with pictures) cost 10, except for aces that stand 1 or 11. A figure in combination with an ace gives blackjack (a value of 21).

What is Double Down in blackjack

If a player wants to make a big score what, he/she must know what does double down mean in blackjack Double, or Double Down, is a very powerful Blackjack player’s weapon that he must skillfully use in the situations described within the basic strategy. The rule allows the player to double the bet on the first two cards that were dealt to him. After that, he will receive only one more card, and the move will proceed to the next box or to the dealer.

In most casinos, Double Down is allowed concerning any first two cards, and only some of them allow you to double the bet by only ten or eleven points. Players must give preference to the casino with the first version of the rules. Even better, if in the gambling establishment of your choice, you can do Double Down after splitting was made.

Blackjack Double Down rules

  1. You need to double the bet in cases where the player has the highest chance of defeating the dealer. As a rule, we are talking about the weakest cards that are open to the dealer, which most often leads to busting. The table shows the dealer’s chances of being bruised, depending on the card he has opened for himself;
  2. After examining the table, you can come to the conclusion that the worst cards for the dealer are from two to six. If he discovers one of them, his chances to score more than twenty-one points are quite high. Looking at the table of the basic strategy, you can see that in such situations Double needs to be hit quite often. However, under certain conditions, such a step must be taken, even when the dealer has nine or ten points, which is often in doubt for beginners;
  3. It should be remembered that the basic strategy of blackjack does not guarantee that you will win every time, following its advice. It should be considered as the most optimal system that maximizes your chances of winning. Therefore, if according to the basic strategy in any particular case you need to do Double, do not hesitate;
  4. Sometimes players are confused by the probability of losing twice as much as they have bet. If you notice such doubts in yourself, then it’s time for you to transfer to a table with lower rates. Double is one of the essential components of a good blackjack game, and you should be financially and morally ready to male this step.

When to Double Down in blackjack

In some casinos, you can find a variety of rules that allow you to make an additional bet of a smaller size than the original one, if it only corresponds to the minimum bet set for the table. Do not use this opportunity. Do Double Down in full size, as required by the basic strategy, otherwise the whole point of such a move is lost.

Be prepared for the fact that you may have “black bars” during which almost all your doubled bets will lose. This is a typical deviation from the average, possible for each game of chance, including blackjack. Do not panic and do not deviate from the right course. The basic strategy has been developed and adjusted for many years, and the best players in blackjack took part in this process. Trust their experience and resist the temptation to compromise.